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10...4002-6 hours
Fun program, which is filled with a large number of inter-team entertainment competitions and thematic quizzes.
10...252-4 hours
Players play the role of Wyoming residents who are building the longest railroad in the United States.
4...73-4 hours
Team spirit - the most valuable resource for the remote team that suffered a disaster and ended up in the jungle
20-2002-5 hours
An entertaining online program filled with tasks from your favorite TV shows.
2...72-3 hours
An exciting online journey of pirate teams across the endless sea spaces in search of treasures and adventures!
5....703-4 hours
Find out how your team will act in extreme conditions!
20...1003-4 hours
Participants play the role of aristocrats who meet at the ball of King Louis XV of France.
2...71-2 hours
Try to cope with the implementation of the project in your new interactive office. We warn you: the task is not easy!
4...73-4 hours
Become top managers of the hotel chain and check what you can do!
10...252-4 hours
Game participants turn into aristocrats who have witnessed a terrible crime.
20...1003-4 hours
Take a real trip back in time to discover what happened in the women's palace during the heyday of the Ottoman Empire.
10...252-4 hours
Participants in the game witness a terrible crime that they will need to solve
20...1003-4 hours
Participants receive the roles of the aristocrats of old Europe, who gathered in Paris for the New Year's ball.
10...4002-6 hours
A comprehensive program with contests, games, thematic quizzes and other activities for a fun holiday.
5...1002-4 hours
A story quest in which participants need to solve mysteries and riddles to return the New Year's attributes.

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