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20…5001-3 hours
Participants in teams draw their picture elements so that later they combine all the parts into a single masterpiece.
8...1002-6 часов
Participants are given a unique opportunity to stage their own production based on a famous work or office realities. The team inside will distribute the roles and everyone will be able to try themselves in different roles.
20…5002-7 hours
Participants come together in teams and prepare dishes under the guidance of a chef with a subsequent tasting or banquet.
8…1001-2 hours
Team-building in a single rhythm using percussion drums and other instruments.
20…5001-3 hours
All participants learn dance movements, and also learn to move in the form of various figures, to rebuild. At the end, everyone participates in a flash mob.
15...100020 minutes
Participants randomly throw colored balls of wool to each other, forming a large bright carpet above themselves.
10...5001-3 hours
Molecular cuisine is an amazing program that will help the team become closer, spend time with pleasure, learn new things. You and your colleagues will be able to create your culinary masterpieces and appreciate them yourself.
8…5003-7 hours
Your team will be able to plunge into the real life of farmers - to milk the cows, to harvest, etc.
20…5002-5 hours
After listening to the master classes, teams distribute roles, write a script and shoot their mini-series.
20…5002-5 hours
Filming of independent mini-films with the subsequent voting and awarding ceremony of the best.

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