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Online Game “The Ball of Louis XV”

Participants play the role of aristocrats who meet at the ball of King Louis XV of France.

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What is special about this training?

France, mid-eighteenth century, a ball of Louis XV. Representatives of the most influential European countries came to the ball to exchange secular news, show themselves or find a good party for their children. In the game, each player has a role associated with other characters. Players communicate step by step in the Zoom rooms to find out information, make peace, unite or intrigue.

Opportunities provided by the story-role online game "Ball of Louis XV" performed by TeamMaster:

  • informal communication between participants;
  • interesting online pastime for everyone;
  • development of teamwork skills;
  • improving the level of remote interaction in the team.

Each participant in the game has a prescribed role. The aim of the game is to fulfill team and personal goals.

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