Уникальные программы тимбилдингов (teambuilding) компании TeamMaster

TeamMaster main teambuilding programs

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8…5001-3 hours
The program includes mini-games and activities in which participants in various formats get to know each other.
8…1001-2 hours
Team-building in a single rhythm using percussion drums and other instruments.
6…2001-3 days
The teams leave for 1-3 days in the Nikolaev region for extreme rafting, live on the island, relax and enjoy the nature of the Southern Bug.
8…50030 minutes - 2 hours
Participants learn to overcome their fear and limitations by going through the coals with the emotional support of their team.
9…2523-4 hours
The team is the Chumaks, who ride on the oxen to get salt and then drive it to sell. On the way they are solve life situations.
8…1501-2 hours
Participants build a construction from lightweight polystyrene foam blocks or cardboard, at the end of which they get a classy visible result from common efforts.
8…5001-3 hours
Specially selected exercises that in an easy playful way allow you to recognize already familiar colleagues from a new perspective.
8…5002-3 hours
A set of games and team-building exercises for indoor.
8…1501-2 hours
Active and communicative games that will allow you to recognize your colleagues from a new, unusual side.
8…5002-4 hours
Extreme team building program based on the TV show. Unlike the TV show, where only 1-2 people participate in each trial, in our team building, there are team trials, the passage of which will unite your team!
6…2402-4 hours
Teams - crews of ships - trade, fight, negotiate and learn to interact in the win / win format.
28…963-6 hours
During the ball at Louis XV, each guest achieves personal goals and objectives, communicating with other characters, weaving intrigues, and making alliances.

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