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Online business game "The manager"

Become top managers of the hotel chain and check what you can do!

Main information


A new hotel is opening in the resort town. All preparations have been completed and soon you need to be ready to receive the first guests, each of whom will have his own requirements and wishes. In the game, participants act as managers who need to build effective management of the hotel and its employees.

The business game is held in an online format, which requires a PC, Internet access and the ability to conduct an online conference on any platform. Participants in the game can communicate, freely interact with the elements of the game, build interaction strategies - and that's all online. Now it’s not necessary to be in one place to form a strong team!

Opportunities provided by the online business game "The manager" by TeamMaster:

  • informal communication between participants;
  • interesting online pastime for everyone;
  • increasing the level of communication between participants;
  • development of skills of strategic thinking and planning.

In the process of the online business game "Manager", it becomes clear that trust, teamwork and the ability to delegate tasks are important for success.



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