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Online business game “Survivors”

Team spirit - the most valuable resource for the remote team that suffered a disaster and ended up in the jungle

Main information


The ship on which the players sailed sank off the coast of Africa. All of them together carried to an unknown coast. Around the jungle. Participants have only basic skills for action. Each player brings his personal qualities to the game. For rescue, it is necessary to coordinate the work of the whole group, therefore the game is an excellent tool for remote team building.

Your team will meet at a virtual gaming table with a playing field, cards, chips and dice, just like in a real board game. Participants have to prove themselves, their skills, and their qualities. Conducting an online game does not require long preparation, all you need for an online event is a PC, access to the Internet, and the opportunity to conduct an online conference. In all other respects, our game host will help. 

Opportunities provided by the online business game "Survivors" performed by TeamMaster:

  • informal communication between participants;
  • interesting online pastime for everyone;
  • increasing the level of communication between participants;
  • team building in a remote format.

This game has several difficulty levels and each time a new field, which allows you to create a great reusable simulator to improve the team.

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