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Team online game "Way to the West"

Players play the role of Wyoming residents who are building the longest railroad in the United States.

Main information


The events of the game take place in the middle of the XIX century. The US economy is booming and the government is tasked Union Pacific to build a railroad that will connect the industrial areas of Central and East America with the California coast. The game aims to hone negotiation skills, implement changes and take into account the interests of all parties in the process of their implementation.

Opportunities provided by the team online game "Way to the West" performed by TeamMaster:

  • informal communication between participants;
  • interesting pastime for everyone;
  • increasing the level of communication between participants;
  • improving the level of remote interaction in the team.

The team online game takes place in a remote format, for which participants will need a PC, Internet access and the ability to hold an online conference in Zoom.

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