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Serious teambuilding

Serious teambuilding is a program that allows you to more thoroughly handle existing problems in the team. These are all problems that have long existed in a team and have not been resolved by short-term teambuildings.

A classic example of serious team-building is a strategic hike (climbing a mountain, sailing regatta). The team goes on a long-term hike (3 - 5 days), during which it develops the goal of the event, strategy and tactics. Along the way, participants encounter obstacles that can only be overcome through teamwork. Collaboration also contributes to solving the tasks of the event. Another important factor is the subsequent reflection conducted with the participants to analyze the acquired knowledge and skills.


As a result, the leader receives a close-knit team, which is ready to work more efficiently, in which communication ties are established and awareness of the responsibility of the role of everyone in the team increases.

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