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Team quest "Discovering the city"

A city quest in which teams must complete tasks from the mysterious "Banksy" - an underground artist whose graffiti appears in different parts of the planet.

Main information


«Discovering the City» is a concept of a city quest in which teams must complete tasks from the enigmatic Banksy, an underground artist whose graffiti appears all over the world.

His trials are a secret route hidden in the streets of the city. Participants need to rediscover familiar places such as historic buildings, modern popular venues or futuristic graffiti, woven into a single cipher that will lead teams to unravel the mystery of Banksy.

The main travel tool will be the Swarm social network application, which allows users to share their location. Participants need to check in at the places where Banksy has been and complete all of his tasks.

Opportunities provided by the team quest "Discovering the City" performed by TeamMaster:

  • interactive city tour;
  • interesting joint activity;
  • teamwork to unleash riddles;
  • a combination of outdoor activities and intellectual challenge.

The focus of the program: an entertaining format with elements of team building.

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