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Interactive quest "Return the holiday!"

A story quest in which participants need to solve mysteries and riddles to return the New Year's attributes.

Main information


What is special about this training?

In the small town of Winterhills the day before Christmas, all the holiday decorations, gifts and Christmas trees mysteriously disappeared.
At the same time, many unknown items with ciphers appeared in the city. Residents need to solve all the mysteries, secrets and encrypted messages to unravel the mystery of the city and save the holiday.

The interactive quest takes place in an online format, which requires a PC, Internet access and the ability to conduct an online conference in Zoom.

Opportunities provided by the interactive quest "Return the holiday!" performed by TeamMaster:

  • festive mood of all team members;
  • informal communication between participants;
  • interesting online pastime for everyone;
  • increasing the level of communication between participants.

Interactive quest "Return the holiday!" - A great opportunity to celebrate the New Year online. It's fun, entertaining and completely safe!


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