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Role-playing online-game "The Secret Kingdom"

Take a real trip back in time to discover what happened in the women's palace during the heyday of the Ottoman Empire.

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What is special about this training?

The heyday of the Ottoman Empire, a magnificent century. A time of power and unprecedented prosperity. Such external circumstances also affect the "state" within the empire - the harem of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. In this place, closed from prying eyes, intrigues are woven, there is a struggle for high positions and difficult tests, where there is a choice between one's own ambitions and the fate of the entire Ottoman Empire.

In the game, everyone has a role associated with other characters; players communicate stage by stage in Zoom rooms.

Each participant will receive an invitation letter in advance with a link to the ZOOM conference. The letter also indicates the role of the player with a description of his character and game goals.

On the day of the game, participants join the Zoom conference. The presenter greets the participants and the time of intrigue, secrets and live communication of all players begins.

In the final, all participants gather in one Zoom room, where the presenter sums up the results and the members of the most influential faction receive the main positions in the harem and the title of haseki.

Purpose of the game: Each faction must fulfill its own tasks and become an influential force in the harem.

Opportunities provided by the role-playing game "The Secret Kingdom" performed by TeamMaster:

  • the opportunity to immerse yourself in an interesting plot that the participants themselves are building;
  • space for creative expression through role-playing;
  • interesting joint activity;
  • improving the level of remote interaction in the team.

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