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Online business game “Time management”

Try to cope with the implementation of the project in your new interactive office. We warn you: the task is not easy!

Main information


The events of this game take place in an interactive office, where participants work on the implementation of a new project. The team needs to cope with all the tasks of the project in order to achieve success and win. In the game, participants learn not only to successfully advance in their tasks but also to help colleagues with a variety of surprises.

The interactive office is implemented on a special platform where participants can interact with all elements of the game while communicating in an online conference. The online game is designed so that your team can communicate and develop useful skills in a playful way.

Opportunities provided by the online business game “Time management” performed by TeamMaster:

  • informal communication between participants;
  • an interesting online pastime for everyone;
  • development of project management and time management skills;
  • improving the level of interaction in the team.

Participants of the game will test the interactive office in an online format. Try to work on a project remotely!

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