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Team-building in an entertaining format for SMO Group

For the SMO Group team, we conducted an original team-building with a business game and acquaintance


To introduce the participants to each other and rally the team in entertainment format.

Proposed solution

In order to introduce the participants to each other better, we Recommended Meet Acquaintance 2.0. This program consists of special exercises for teamwork, which allows getting to know colleagues from a new perspective.


Acquainted with each other, we moved on to the business game "Pirates Forgotten Islands ”, which is aimed at team collaboration. As part of the game, participants joined teams and tried on themselves the role of pirates of the XVII century.

After the game, we organized lunch and then participants prepared for the final part of team-building. We held EcoFormula 1, during which the team independently designed fireballs, and then tested them for speed and strength. The result was a very atmospheric team-building, which rallied the team and brought a pleasant experience to each of the participants.


Тренинги и тимбилдинги по задачам кейса:

8…5001-3 часа
Специально подобранные упражнения, которые в лёгкой игровой форме позволяют узнать уже знакомых коллег с новой стороны.
24...5001,5 часа
Эко-Формула 1 - это новый способ сплотить коллектив и зарядить его позитивными эмоциями. Создайте с командой свой уникальный рабочий болид, декорируйте его и поучаствуйте в гонке.

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