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A corporate event for Nielsen

For Nielsen's office staff, we have organized a comprehensive program of team-building


To hold a corporate event for 240 person

Proposed solution

We have recommended several team-building formats, from which we selected Team Interaction Games with elements of the rope course. Also, we selected such exercises that were suitable for all participants of the event, and also contributed to creating a good atmosphere.

In addition to the main part of team-building, we were held master classes of various kinds. This helped to draw the majority of participants into a common entertainment program and bring people with similar interests together. The emotional end of the event was the quest, during which the participants looked for the keys to the chest.

The concept of the event was designed in such a way as to unite the team in a relaxed atmosphere. The program was full of various activities, so each participant could find entertainment to their liking.




Тренинги и тимбилдинги по задачам кейса:

8…5002-4 часа
Командообразующие игры, которые направлены на выработку эффективной модели взаимодействия в команде.
8…5003-5 часов
Классический командообразующий тренинг, состоящий из активных упражнений на свежем воздухе.
10...5001 - 2 часа
Давно ли Вы делали что-то своими руками? А что-то новое? Хочется ли Вам видеть результат приложенных Вами усилий? Наша программа мастер-классов создана для того, чтобы такие вопросы Вас не озадачивали.

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