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Online business game "Everest"

Find out how your team will act in extreme conditions!

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You don't have to go to the mountains to conquer the top! Now you can do it with a team in our new online business game "Everest".

Climbing mountains is not only a physical test, but also an interpersonal one. Will the participants be able to establish effective team interaction? Will they be able to cope with various events and bad weather? Will the team manage to solve all logistical and resource problems? We can get answers to these questions already during the game.

In the game format, you will be able to find out how your team will act in extreme conditions, and whether there are problems in team interaction. Gaming experience will help strengthen the team and build effective communication processes.

Opportunities provided by the "Online business game "Everest"" performed by TeamMaster:

  • organize informal communication;
  • spend time with benefit for the team;
  • identify problematic issues in team interaction;
  • learn to build effective communications.

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