Спортивные тимбилдинги для корпоративных задач в Украине | TeamMaster


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8…5003-5 hours
The classic team-building training consisting of active exercises in the fresh air.
6…2001-3 days
The teams leave for 1-3 days in the Nikolaev region for extreme rafting, live on the island, relax and enjoy the nature of the Southern Bug.
8…802-4 hours
The team is undergoing combat training, followed by a battle with paint balls and victory, using all resources.
8…5001-3 days
Team survival program in Europe's largest desert. Allows to show mutual support and team spirit.
8…5003-5 hours
A complex of complicated rope course exercises at a height of 4 metres, which is aimed at overcoming.
8…5001-3 days
A set of extreme activities, which includes rock climbing, a beam shooting range, a laser tag, a rope park, etc.
8…5001-3 hours
Participants in teams compete in archery, crossbows, blowguns, slingshots, throwing knives, and learn to use other weapons.
4…502-4 hours
The course of personality breakthrough. Participants learn to overcome their own fears with the support of their team.
4…1024-7 hours
Participants sail, and jointly learn how to command a sailing ship and use the tailwind to achieve the goal.
8…5003-7 hours
Corporate rafting in nature near Kiev is interesting, emotional, and does not require special training.
8…5003 hours - 2 days
The participants themselves make fire, find hidden food in the forest, cross the canyon through the troll, etc.
8…1002-7 days
A team trip where participants are expected to live together in the wild.
8…503-7 days
Lycian trail along the sea - a fascinating and unforgettable hiking trip in the Taurus Mountains.
8…503-7 days
A team trip, the culmination of which will be the conquest of the top of the mountain in picturesque and vibrant Georgia.

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