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10...4002-6 hours
Fun program, which is filled with a large number of inter-team entertainment competitions and thematic quizzes.
4-1002-4 hours
A city quest in which teams must complete tasks from the mysterious "Banksy" - an underground artist whose graffiti appears in different parts of the planet.
8…5001-3 hours
Specially selected exercises that in an easy playful way allow you to recognize already familiar colleagues from a new perspective.
12...5003-4 hours
Pirates of the Forgotten Islands is an exciting business game that will not only bring a lot of pleasure, but also pump your negotiating and communication skills
20…5001-3 hours
Participants in teams draw their picture elements so that later they combine all the parts into a single masterpiece.
28…963-6 hours
During the ball at Louis XV, each guest achieves personal goals and objectives, communicating with other characters, weaving intrigues, and making alliances.
8...1002-6 часов
Participants are given a unique opportunity to stage their own production based on a famous work or office realities. The team inside will distribute the roles and everyone will be able to try themselves in different roles.
20…5002-7 hours
Participants come together in teams and prepare dishes under the guidance of a chef with a subsequent tasting or banquet.
8…5001-3 hours
The program includes mini-games and activities in which participants in various formats get to know each other.
8…1001-2 hours
Team-building in a single rhythm using percussion drums and other instruments.
8…1501-2 hours
Active and communicative games that will allow you to recognize your colleagues from a new, unusual side.
8…5002-4 hours
Extreme team building program based on the TV show. Unlike the TV show, where only 1-2 people participate in each trial, in our team building, there are team trials, the passage of which will unite your team!
20…5001-3 hours
All participants learn dance movements, and also learn to move in the form of various figures, to rebuild. At the end, everyone participates in a flash mob.
15...100020 minutes
Participants randomly throw colored balls of wool to each other, forming a large bright carpet above themselves.
8…5001-3 days
A set of extreme activities, which includes rock climbing, a beam shooting range, a laser tag, a rope park, etc.
4…1024-7 hours
Participants sail, and jointly learn how to command a sailing ship and use the tailwind to achieve the goal.
20…3003-7 days
Corporate cruise with the whole team on a yacht in the Mediterranean Sea (for example, on the Greece islands).
8…503-7 days
A quest trip that will captivate you with picturesque landscapes and cognitive tasks, helping to learn a new country.
8…1001-3 days
An opportunity to relax with your colleagues and visit interesting places in Ukraine.
8…5003-7 hours
Your team will be able to plunge into the real life of farmers - to milk the cows, to harvest, etc.
20…5002-5 hours
After listening to the master classes, teams distribute roles, write a script and shoot their mini-series.
20…5002-5 hours
Filming of independent mini-films with the subsequent voting and awarding ceremony of the best.

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