Активные программы тренингов и тимбилдингов от команды TeamMaster


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8…5002-4 hours
Team-building games that are aimed at developing an effective model of teamwork.
8…5003-5 hours
The classic team-building training consisting of active exercises in the fresh air.
20...5001-3 hours
Teams - representatives of countries participating in the Olympic Games. Earn as many medals as possible for your country.
8...1002-6 часов
Participants are given a unique opportunity to stage their own production based on a famous work or office realities. The team inside will distribute the roles and everyone will be able to try themselves in different roles.
6…2001-3 days
The teams leave for 1-3 days in the Nikolaev region for extreme rafting, live on the island, relax and enjoy the nature of the Southern Bug.
8…50030 minutes - 2 hours
Participants learn to overcome their fear and limitations by going through the coals with the emotional support of their team.
8…1501-2 hours
Participants build a construction from lightweight polystyrene foam blocks or cardboard, at the end of which they get a classy visible result from common efforts.
8…5002-3 hours
A set of games and team-building exercises for indoor.
8…5002-4 hours
Extreme team building program based on the TV show. Unlike the TV show, where only 1-2 people participate in each trial, in our team building, there are team trials, the passage of which will unite your team!
20…5001-3 hours
All participants learn dance movements, and also learn to move in the form of various figures, to rebuild. At the end, everyone participates in a flash mob.
15...100020 minutes
Participants randomly throw colored balls of wool to each other, forming a large bright carpet above themselves.
5...201 - 2 hours
At first glance, from a few large cubes you can think of not so many, but we have developed more than 15 unique exercises, each of them is aimed at uniting and develops certain communication skills.
8…802-4 hours
The team is undergoing combat training, followed by a battle with paint balls and victory, using all resources.
8…5001-3 days
Team survival program in Europe's largest desert. Allows to show mutual support and team spirit.
8…5003-5 hours
A complex of complicated rope course exercises at a height of 4 metres, which is aimed at overcoming.
8…5001-3 days
A set of extreme activities, which includes rock climbing, a beam shooting range, a laser tag, a rope park, etc.
8…5001-3 hours
Participants in teams compete in archery, crossbows, blowguns, slingshots, throwing knives, and learn to use other weapons.
4…502-4 hours
The course of personality breakthrough. Participants learn to overcome their own fears with the support of their team.
8…5003-7 hours
Corporate rafting in nature near Kiev is interesting, emotional, and does not require special training.
8…1202-4 hours
Entertaining exercises and rides in which teams play on the water.
12...1024-6 hours
Participants go sailing, and the team must overcome the distance with obstacles at speed.
8…5003 hours - 2 days
The participants themselves make fire, find hidden food in the forest, cross the canyon through the troll, etc.
8…503-7 days
A quest trip that will captivate you with picturesque landscapes and cognitive tasks, helping to learn a new country.
8…1002-7 days
A team trip where participants are expected to live together in the wild.
8…503-7 days
Lycian trail along the sea - a fascinating and unforgettable hiking trip in the Taurus Mountains.
8…1001-3 days
An opportunity to relax with your colleagues and visit interesting places in Ukraine.
8…503-7 days
A team trip, the culmination of which will be the conquest of the top of the mountain in picturesque and vibrant Georgia.
8…5003-7 hours
Your team will be able to plunge into the real life of farmers - to milk the cows, to harvest, etc.

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