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For TOP-managers

Team-building for TOP-management teams that work together. A distinctive feature of such team-building for leaders in a strategic approach is where the participants develop the strategy and tactics of the action during the event.

Examples of team-building for TOP-managers conducted by TeamMaster: yachting, regatta, conquering the mountain, strategic hike, staff and military-strategic games, playing in real conditions, etc.

During the event, participants receive only the most vital resources to achieve the task. To obtain additional resources, it is necessary to apply the qualities of a TOP-manager: the ability to negotiate, manage stress, manage processes, solve priority tasks for the benefit of the team, whether it is to negotiate with the locals to get water, food, transport, overcome the storm, calm, or take shelter from the rain in nature.

This format allows participants to concentrate on solving the main task of the event and experience a high level of personal and team challenge with complete freedom of action and the absence of restrictions on how to solve the problems that arose.

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