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Team-building is a set of exercises, which in an easy playful way allows you to get to know your already familiar colleagues from a new perspective, rally the team and get distracted from working everyday life.

Team building training is aimed at introducing employees to each other and raising the "team spirit" for more efficient work. The program includes group tasks, where the result of the team depends on each participant. The main goal is to motivate employees to work in a team to achieve the company's goals and be responsible for the overall result.

TeamSpirit is a collaborative team great action, not necessarily discussed, where people just have a good time together. Example: going to a bowling alley or in a cafe, dancing flash mob. Team-building implies the mandatory interaction of all team members.

What is the difference between “teamspirit” and “teambuilding”?

Teamspirit is a joint visit by a team to cafes, bowling, etc., where people just have a good time together.

While team-building is a set of special activities (exercises), the successful implementation of which depends on the coherence of the team and the proper coordination of joint actions.

This is exactly what team-building is about.

Team-building often requires careful preparation and is therefore not cheap. Therefore, teamspirit is often called team-building, because they want to get what they want at the lowest cost. Nevertheless, as practice shows, such half-measures will not achieve good results.

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