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Team diagnostics

If we imagine the company’s activity on the example of a car, where each employee is responsible for the operation of the engine, pistons, shock absorbers, torque, and the director controls the steering wheel and presses on the gas, it is likely that without a professional inspection and timely diagnosis, the machine could fail.


Because all your employees have different characters, different outlooks on life and, of course, different ways of behavior in difficult situations. Therefore, due to close friction against each other, their skills can be knocked down, motivation to fall.

When is a diagnostics needed?

  • If you do not feel the involvement of employees in the work, the diagnosis will reveal the reasons for their poor motivation.

  • When you need to more accurately determine who you can assign these or other tasks, the diagnosis will give a detailed justification for such decisions.

  • When you just intuitively feel that something has become wrong.

What is the result?

To diagnose teams, TeamMaster coaches use methods such as:

  • - HADS - scale of anxiety and stress,
  • - Thomas test - to determine the type of behavior in a conflict,
  • - Method 360 - to identify the degree of employee's compliance with the position by interviewing the employee’s business environment

The assessment takes from one day. It is carried out both in working and simulated situations. In some cases, it can be carried out remotely (via Skype, Viber, Telegram). The roles in the team are determined, participants self-esteem, exercises under the guidance of a coach, assessment of the team profile. Since each team member can perform several roles, it is necessary to take time to study the interaction of all people in the working group.

When assessing the team’s interaction, each person’s personal profile and his role according to Tuckman are taken into account, so you can pre-evaluate the potential of the team as a whole, taking into account all the Hard- and Soft-skills participants.

Within the framework of our team-building trainings, the team’s overview diagnostics may be the initial stage.

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