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Long-term support

Long-term support is a system-wide integrated project for the study and study of problems within the working group.


Such a project can last from several weeks to six months and will cover all areas of interaction of people in a team. As part of long-term work, strategic sessions, retrospectives, discussions are held with the team, intermediate results are lined up, additional trainings are introduced, moderated meetings are held under the supervision of an external trainer.

Why do I need an external trainer or moderator? For example, an external moderator is needed to help participants identify teamwork issues and direct efforts towards their joint development. Once a week, meetings are held, during each of them an external moderator discusses sharp corners and, together with the participants, forms working rules that are comfortable for all employees.


After carrying out a complex of long-term support, the effectiveness of the team will increase, and as a secondary result, participants will learn self-organization, be able to moderate work and maintain a high level of efficiency in teams on their own using the tools we have provided.


Trainings for team leaders

Training for team leaders to improve leadership. The training will be useful to managers who in the company manage their own department, or team.

The training is aimed at developing such skills:

  • recognize the difference between a team and a group of people and carry out targeted actions to create a team from a group of people;
  • track the stage of development of the team and choose the best working methods for the development and strengthening of the team according to the stage of its development;
  • purposefully create a team interaction format built on the values of the Company;

Through this training, the manager will get a full understanding not only about team theory, but also about the practice of TeamMaster’s rich experience with companies around the world.

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