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About TeamMaster

If we imagine the activities of the team on the example of a car, where each employee is responsible for the operation of the engine, pistons, shock absorbers, torque, and the director controls the steering wheel and presses on the gas, then it is quite likely that without a professional inspection and timely diagnostics, the car may fail.

For more than 10 years TeamMaster has been providing its customers with quality team-buildings for every taste for solving various problems.

Our projects are more than an entertaining event, it is also team-building training. Participants gain positive experience of living through joint problem solving and overcoming obstacles, well-developed and informed experience of team interaction.

Because of an integrated approach after our events, your employees become a real successful team, ready to solve the most complex problems in business!

Some facts about TeamMaster

54 copyright team building programs
580 participants at the same time participated in our event
> 528 events held
> 22745 participants completed our programs

TeamMaster team includes

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Andrey Zhelvetro
Business coach, empathy psychologist
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Pavel Gorbenko
Trainer, facilitator, psychotherapist, supervisor
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Artyom Mikhaylyuk
Business coach, development consultant, methodologist
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Maxim Shkilev
Consultant, business coach, moderator
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Anton Korchinsky
Effective business coach, consultant, trainer
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Roman Vlasenko
Business coach, business consultant
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Artyom Ryzhak
Business coach, psychotherapist
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Victoria Kutz (Mrishuk)
Certified coach-consultant, business coach
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Denis Dubravin
Certified business coach
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Elena Kayumova
HRD, business coach, consultant

TeamMaster benefits among others

business trainers
We have the largest team: more than 32 certified business trainers with psychological education. They are practitioners and regularly conduct trainings in applied fields.
We have developed 54 diverse team-building programs for every taste. Each of these programs is thought out and tested in practice.
Benefit for
the participants
Our programs are more than entertainment. Participants improve communication and teamwork, analyze their behavior, draw conclusions.
The inventory is in good condition and looks good, games and exercises are prepared with a margin, the food is tasty and enough. Each project is thought out to the smallest detail.
We develop individual programs at the request of customers, taking into account values and corporate culture. There are no impossible requests for us.
Over 12 years, we have conducted more than 280 events, with a population of 5 to 580 people. We worked in the desert, mountain canyon, in most regions of Ukraine and abroad.

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